Imagine a place to look for inspiration, where feel the sea breeze, the warmth of the earth and air of the purest wind. The Canary Islands represent that small space in the Atlantic where we get the inspiration for naming something special, a project with fresh and new ideas to decorate every corner of the most unexpected and fun events that you put in front of us.


Nubed2 born in 2015 with the idea of helping you to have an experience in which your memories and nostalgy will be the guarantee of an incredible experience. Feel at every step the driest land that we have, the fine sand between your toes, the wet sea breeze on your skin and the purest air in the face.

That is what we want to convey in our events, that closeness is not just about two, is between you and us, and that heat is the guarantee that we will pay attention to every detail.


“Tailor-made” is the word that we will always use to work with you. No matter if the event is a wedding, a birthday, a private party or any space you want to decorate for a special day, we guarantee that it will be unique, memorable and it will never go unnoticed.


Work with you to make your project real and fun is our work, together we will make your ideas and ours come true.

Manuel Cabrera

Graduated in Journalism and specialized in communication, marketing and fashion. Expert in digital luxury, because of his links for some years in the working world in Madrid.


Now he decides to undertake this adventure in the events sector, one of his great passions. Over recent years he has combined his working life with specific studies in organizing events and wedding planner.

Ignacio Solana

Degree in Business Administration, specializing in finance and a long history as an economic director of numerous companies in Madrid.


After this experience his professional life takes a turn, specializing in the decoration sector and interior design, linked in recent years as a collaborator and advisor in 3D image with companies involved in the events sector.